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Frequently Asked Questions Jet Mod Frame Number

Q: "How do I tell if I have a Jet Mod?" and "How do I tell what kind of Jet Mod I have?"


A: To determine if you have a Jet Mod and what the chassis model is, look at the front stub. Vipers say JET MOD followed by a three digit number. Lears say JET MOD II followed by a three digit number, Cobras say JET MOD III followed by a three digit number. And Stealths say JET S followed by a three digit number. There are some cars that were special builds, those numbers are different. New cars have the last two numbers of the year on the front stub.


Q: "How do I tell what year my car is?"

A: The three digit number on the front stub will tell you when the car was built. Click here to view Jet Mod frame numbers and what years they were built.


 Jet Racing Mod Setup Manual

ATTENTION! We've changed our ride height numbers since this book was published! Use these numbers for chevelle stub cars:

Chevelle Stubs up to #580:  LF 6 3/4"  RF 6 7/8"  LR 7"  RR 7"

Chevelle Stubs #581 and Newer: LF 5 1/2"  RF 5 3/4"  LR 6"  RR 6 1/4"

Our setup manual is the most in-depth mod setup manual in the industry. It includes 40 pages of valuable information and helpful tips and covers both IMCA style Modifieds and IMCA Northern Sport Mods. Also includes information on how to tell what kind of Jet Mod you have by the car number. This setup manual is intended for use by Jet Mod owners, drivers and crew. But we're pretty sure others use it too.

Our setup manual is always free to download. Jet Mod owners can request a printed setup book by calling 888-290-9696.

Download the  Jet Racing Setup Manual

Requires Adobe Reader


In-Depth Tech Support & Jet Mod Scale Sheets


For the most accurate Setup and Tech Support, download our Scale & Setup Sheet, fill it out with as much information as you can and then fax it to us at 402-228-4796.


Download the Jet Mod Scale & Setup Sheet Here!



2012 Phantom Setup Sheet



 Jet Racing Stock Car and Hobby Stock Setup Sheet



Our Phantom Stock Car and Hobby Stock setup sheet covers both Jet Racing Phantom Stock Cars and Jet Racing Phantom Hobby Stocks. Includes Spring Rates, Shock Suggestions, Frame Heights, Wheel Offsets, and scale information.

Download the  Stock Car Setup Sheet
Download the  Phantom Hobby Stock Setup Sheet

Instructions and Technical Information:

Requires Adobe Reader

Brake Pad Bed-In Procedures

Brinn Transmission Tips

View our Ball Joint Cross Reference Chart

View our Control Arm Bushing Cross Reference Chart

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